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Company Overview

  • Dezign Inspirations is a full-service interior design firm located in Wilmington, NC. Our company has over thirty years of industry experience in designing both residential and commercial interiors. While our specialty is providing turn-key new construction services, from concept development to placing the last accessory, we have the interior design resources to manage any size interior design project.

  • We work with each client to help design and decorate an interior that reflects not only their taste and style but also their specific lifestyle, values and accomplishments. Our team thrives on taking any space and transforming it into both living artistry and functional desirability. Our passion for interior design is to "develop livable works of art that are not only timeless but livable."

  • Our approach is very versatile and the designs are simple yet elegant and soulful. We strive to evolve with the best possible design solution while maintaining an equal balance between affordable aesthetics and functionality. We believe in "less is more" and play with elements of lighting, materials and textures intelligently to create just the right balance of drama with individualized amazing results.

  • Let us customize our interior design & home decorator services to meet you specific needs. We take pride in giving each client the time and attention needed to successfully complete each project no matter how small or large.  Our goal is to help keep your project on time and we always try to work within your desired budget.


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