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Premier Realtor Program


At “Dezign Inspirations” we have a special program that guarantees success that we offer to our local " Premier Realtors" in the area.  The experienced interior designers at Dezign Inspirations are here to assist you and your new homeowners bring to life a design/ vision that suits their personality and lifestyle.  We can collaborate with your clients to ensure that their new home is not only beautiful, but also practical and functional.


“Dezign Inspirations” offers convenience and efficiency through “One Stop Shopping” saving clients the headache of running all over town trying to coordinate their new home’s selections at different locations and hoping to find the best bargain.  Everything you need to select and coordinate these items is located with us “All Under One Roof!”  Our Design Showroom offers an extensive selection of : flooring (wood, tile, carpet)  countertops, furniture, window coverings, fabrics, area rugs, lighting, wall paper, accessories plus so much more. Within our showroom we offer an extensive in-house resource library and samples that are unequaled in the area.


Our design assistance is available to assist your homeowners in creating their new “Dream Home!”  We have over 30 years of experience behind us to help create and bring to life your clients’ every need, wish and desire.  Dezign Inspirations will assist in pulling everything together creating floor plans and special furniture layouts and color palletts that will work in any situation. Remodeling? We have all the resources & experienced tradesmen along with our expertise to help your clients breathe a fresh new updated look into their new home . Whether their desires are moving a few walls, new flooring, cabinets, countertops, furniture, window treatments, accessories, etc, or blending new pieces with existing, we have the expertise to create your homeowners’ “Dream Come True Home!”


We are unique in so many ways and one big selling point is our goal to save your clients money and take their budget and make it go further than ever expected.  We are not a retail store.  We buy direct from our vast array of wholesalers and sell direct at contractor prices as a cost/ plus price point- mark-up.  This is how we are able to help clients try to stay within their budget and take it further than they expected.  Our goal is to always truly inspire all our clients through our creative selections and prices that will exceed their expectations. 


The key part of our "Premier Realtor Program" is that Dezign Inspirations extends a "Free Closing Gift” to you to give to each of your new homeowners.  We offer a “Special Rewards” Certificate with a value of $150.00 towards any purchase of $750.00 or more.  This is like handing each of your new homeowners $150.00 to spend any way these choose with us!  We are here to creatively help support you and your clients to reach their visions of a exciting new beautiful , tranquil place they can truly call “Home". A Sanctuary where they can truly enjoy and share with family and freinds for many years to come!”


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