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We interviewed several designers during our selection process for the building of our oceanfront home. We first became acquainted with Nancy Mullineaux, of Dezign Inpirations/ Home Design Resource, when we visited a home where she had been the interior designer. We both liked what she had created. Our interview with Nancy solidified selecting her and the Dezign Inspirations team as our choice to assist us with the interior design of our home. We were impressed with her portfolio, vast selection of materials and upbeat and energetic personality.

Our project encompassed several years. From the beginning, Nancy and her design team understood the type of home we wanted to build and they helped us to professionally convey that image to all who were involved. Nancy was always very diplomatic but stood her ground when dealing with our architect, builder and the many craftsmen who worked on our home.

Nancy has a great eye for color. Each of our bedrooms has its own distinctive personality. The creative approach she used ensured that each room is unique. Nancy was especially successful in creating a coastal bedroom using my parents' 80 year old rosewood furniture.

Nancy and her design team were just as enthusiastic and energetic about our project at the end of it as they were in the beginning. Nancy possesses tremendous energy and always has a positive attitude.

We are very thankful we found Nancy and her design team. Having a home on the beach has always been a dream. The Dezign Inspirations/ Home Design team helped us build our dream home by creatively incorporating elements of the ocean and sand throughout. They were instrumental in making our dream a reality.

A bonus of the project is that our relationship became more then a client/ designer one. We developed a friendship that still continues for years after we moved into our home.

Norm and Mary Lou Garrity


Dear Nancy:
Both Barbara and I want to share with you our appreciation for your professional Interior Design expertise and assistance in helping us make a house our home. Your fabulous ideas and creative suggestions helped us achieve the look and the feel of a warm inviting home where friends and family can gather for many years to come. The group of professionals you have contracted with and extensive unique selection of quality materials, furniture and accessories have in every instance, exceeded our expectations. The competitive prices along with your creative ideas have provided such an amazing value to us.


Flexibility can be a rare commodity when dealing with creative people. You have not only been flexible throughout the process, you have also been a stress reliever. We have often found ourselves, when confronted with what appeared to be a problem, saying "Nancy will have the answer" and you never disappointed us.
Working through the details of building a custom home is a complex and stressful project. Along with your professional attributes, your unique personal attribute is your exceptional ability of always maintaining a positive uplifting attitude. We thank you for sharing your talent and hard work. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future.



Gene and Barbara Esposito

Since we moved into our new home in Winding River Plantation last summer, we have meant to write a letter of appreciation for the terrific design assistance which you gave us during the construction of the house and continue to do so as we furnish it.  It was such a pleasure working with both of you and your associates.  We could never have created such a beautiful home without all of you!


We have especially loved all of the unique and creative design touches which you put into our home. And we love all of the furniture and rugs which you custom ordered for us to complete the decorating in the house, as well as the custom-designed mirror in our master bathroom.


From the time that you first began consulting with us on the colors, tile and flooring, to the tile designs in the bathrooms and kitchen and finally to the time that you spent with me in High Point as we decided together on the furnishings, it was just a terrific experience for us. And we couldn’t be more pleased with how everything came out!

We have recommended your design services to many people who have seen our new house. And we will continue to do so. We are enclosing a few photos of the house that we thought that you might enjoy. Please do not hesitate to ask us to show the house to your prospective clients.


Thanks again for being such wonderful and talented partners in the design and furnishing of our home!



Valerie & Steve McClimon

Dear Nancy:              

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the commitment and unparalleled assistance you provided us during the remodeling and redecorating of our home.
From the onset, your professional yet personal demeanor allowed our relationship to develop into something much more than a client based relationship: we truly were a team in this project. This sense of teamwork was refreshing as I was not able to achieve this feeling while interviewing and selecting someone that I wanted to partner with me in my project.


Whether I called you at the office, at home or even on the road, your upbeat philosophy of doing whatever it would take to complete the task at hand was outstanding. During the "difficult times" your positive, upbeat attitude allowed us to overcome the unexpected obstacles typically encountered in a project such as ours.

Your creativeness, professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to "think outside of the box" were exciting not only to watch but to also be a part of. Your personal knowledge and your affiliation with other professionals you have at your disposal make you the "complete" Interior Design and Decorating Firm.

I can only offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for all of your hard work. I would be pleased to recommend your services to any potential client.

Jaylene M. Grzandziel

Building a new home, in a new community is a daunting task. Once built, it needs to be decorated and furnished, which can seem almost equally overwhelming. But Nancy Mullineaux and her staff at Dezign Inspirations were up to the challenge and made this project much easier than anticipated. Having all the resources one needs to achieve this transformation is also incredibly useful. Not having to trudge from a tile store, to a window treatment center, to the paint store, to the furniture showroom all the while becoming increasingly uncertain is avoided by having all those resources available at Dezign Inspirations. Even more rewarding is having Nancy’s expertise to guide you. In a very short time I came to trust her judgment, and she to know my tastes and what I was looking for. She also is honest and does not allow you to make major mistakes, which if you are going solo, can also be a risk! Without fail, our home furnishings and decoration are admired by every visitor. But more importantly, our home makes us very happy and we owe much of that to Dezign Inspirations.


Beth Erskine

Our  experience with Nancy and her associates has been consistently positive. She is, of course, able to provide a complete portfolio of design services, from design coordination through the purchase of tile, wood, carpeting, furniture and drapes, etc. In addition to these basics, however, we have found that Nancy’s designs are particularly striking because of her understanding of color and scale, her ability to be innovative and cutting-edge when appropriate and her refined sense of quality and elegance.

We are also very pleased to commend Nancy’s integration of the principles of Feng Shui. It highlights her sensitivity to subtleties that influence our lives and only adds another level of depth to her work. Our customers have praised her highly and have been very pleased with their completed projects.

We are confident that, whatever your personal taste and lifestyle, Nancy and her team will not only meet your needs, they will create an environment that you will love living in.


Sincerely Yours,


Steven O’Rourke, President
Maritime Homes & Development, Inc.

We arrived in the Wilmington area without the benefit of knowing anyone who could give us a interior designer referral. We did our research and decided that Dezign Inspirations and Nancy specifically would give us a comfortable partner who would stretch our boundaries a bit without making us uncomfortable. We are so glad that our initial assessment of Nancy and her crew was accurate and that we found our first reliable partner in the Wilmington area.

We think it is important that when one works with any service organization, one hopes that everything is perfect and all the products and outcomes are exactly as one would hope. The design aspect of our home went fantastic right down to Nancy going through our house and how and where to hang pictures. We did have what we thought was an issue with the living room sofa. It just did not seem level and we could not get it to sit right. Nancy had the company come in, take away the sofa and insisted that we be given another one that was not warped - well - the sofa was fine we found out that our floor had to be adjusted because of the new foundation settling. We were embarrassed and Nancy was completely fine with it as all she cared about was our happiness with the final product. That is my theme to this review - Nancy will make sure that when a home is completed, it will be what you wanted and enjoy. She will not stop working with you until you are completely satisfied.

I think the true measure of what one thinks of any company or organization is if a opportunity came up again that we needed an interior designer, would we call Nancy. Absolutely - without a second of hesitation that call would be made and we would have one less concern.


Visit Nancy and just chat with her for a bit and I believe that most people will do exactly as we did and write her a check to begin a very painless process.


Ronald Henderson


I hired Nancy, owner of Dezign Inspirations to decorate my new home. Her taste is impeccable and working with her has been a complete pleasure! Nancy turned my vision for my home into a reality and it is more beautiful than I ever imagined !! Nancy and her staff are always available if I have any questions or request! I would highly recommend Dezign Inspirations and after seeing my home several people will use Nancy and her team for their own home!!


With much appreciation & gratitude to Nancy & her fabulous team.



Debbie Kaluzne  

Nancy Mullineaux at Dezign Inspirations helped us with several redecorating projects. Since we had been in our home for 13 years, it was time for some changes. Nancy patiently encouraged me to "think outside the box" to explore new colors and patterns. Everything came together beautifully and we are very pleased with our new look, which included new furniture, rugs, window treatments, pillows and lamps. Nancy has an uncanny eye for color and envisioning the finished look. She is very professional, energetic and creative. If there are any problems, she makes sure that everything is right and that her clients are completely satisfied.


Ruth Ann Daly

A customer of Nancy Mullineaux’s referred us to Dezign Inspirations. Not only were they very satisfied, but also we had the opportunity to see Nancy’s work in their home. This led us to call Nancy and immediately we developed a great relationship between designer and customer.

Nancy was and still is attentive not only to our taste’s, but to the reality of our budget. In our case, we could not afford everything all at once, so Nancy helped develop a phased approach that allowed us to realize our vision for our new home. As our new home was being built, we had the additional challenge of being hundreds of miles from Nancy and our new house. This did not stop Nancy and her staff from continuing their excellent customer service. Nancy’s professional expertise and technical knowledge is invaluable. Our relationship with Nancy created the confidence and trust essential for a comfortable customer experience regardless of geographic challenges or budget. We could not be more pleased with the final product.


Best Regards,

Karen Howard

If you want a beautiful, comfortable, elegant home and need help making that happen, then you need to hire Nancy Mullineaux of Dezign Inspirations/ Home Design Resource. She will listen to you and help you visualize what exactly it is you think you want and then steer you to the right choices. She is fabulous with colors and tying a whole house together. I trusted her on colors that I thought were not going to work and she was so right! Everyone who comes into my home for the first time, and often a number of times after that, tells us what a beautiful home we have. Those who come to stay, want to come back because it is so pretty and peaceful in our home. She continues to do outstanding homes...just look at her website or Facebook page. I still go to her when I want to redo a room and she is still spot on 10 years later. Originally, she did our whole home, furnishings, window treatments, tile, wood, carpet, all the colors. She will work with you tirelessly until you are happy. And last but not least, she is a genuinely lovely person.



Nancy Neidig

While building our new house in River Landing, Wallace, NC, we were having the hardest time with some of the simplest decisions and realized that we needed help. After contacting several new friends here, "Nancy Mullineaux," "Home Design Resource," and "Dezine Inspirations" kept coming up. After our initial consultaion we too were sold on Nancy. She and Dana make a great team and kept us on track through each step of the selection process for tiles, kitchen back splash, granite, carpet, room colors and window treatments. Hats off to you gals and a hearty THANK YOU from Elaine and me for helping create what we consider to be a home head and shoulders above the rest.


Jim & Elaine Frater


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